It Pays to be An optimist and an Altruist

An account of my own experience of daring to live the life of a free spirit outside the constraints of matrix-based rules and regulations and instead following my own inner guidance.

The practical examples I share in It Pays to be An Optimist show that we are all powerful co-creators of the present and the future and how we can use the power of our mind and spirit to create not just a happy, joyful life for ourselves and our loved ones but also for the world at large.

IN CHAPTER 1, MANIFESTING VERSUS EARNING MONEY, I share tools and anecdotes that illustrate how we can easily attract to ourselves everything we need once we are able to let go of the limiting belief that our abundance depends solely on our capacity to earn money.

IN CHAPTER 2, ALL YOUR NEEDS ARE ALWAYS MET, ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR GREATEST EXPECTATIONS, I further expand on this theme by sharing the wisdom Denise Linn imparted to me in a beautiful taped letter, which enabled me (following Denise’s inspiring example) to instantly manifest a laptop at a time I didn’t have the financial means to do so.

IN CHAPTER 3, SUPPORTING OTHERS’ DREAMS, as an altruist at heart, I show how our positive thoughts can also help others attain their goals.

The anecdotes in CHAPTER 4 THE UNIVERSE IS FOREVER SENDING US SIGNS illustrate how  signs are sent our way to make our journey easier and  how this  helps us reach our goals faster – at least if we are alert to these signs.

In CHAPTER 5, MIRACLES ARE A RESULT OF SELFLESS LOVE, I tell the story of some of the miracles that happened as a result of what is often referred to as ‘acts of random kindness’.

In CHAPTER 6, LOSS IS A MATRIX-BASED CONCEPT, I share how I learned that what Florence Scovel- Shinn taught in her perennial bestseller The Game of Life and How to Play it, namely that “nothing which is ours by Divine right can be taken away from us” leads to peace of mind.

CHAPTER 7, THE WORLD IS FULL OF UNLIKELY ANGELS, illustrates that my favourite motto: “The world is full of angels in human form” leads to wonderful and often totally unexpected encounters. One of those, during a day-trip to Dieppe in Normandy, was to change my view on life forever.

In CHAPTER 8, TRUST THE UNIVERSE WORKS IN PERFECT WAYS, I share how I learned that when things happen that appear negative, it is always a blessing in disguise when we can see things from a wise perspective. This ultimately leads to better health, since negative emotions play such havoc with our mental and physical well-being.

CHAPTER 9, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE VOICE OF JOY, shows that it’s through the voice of joy that our intuition speaks to us and that we gain enormously from daring to follow “the path of joy”, rather than sticking to the logical, rational solutions. That’s what makes the difference between leading an ordinary life (staying within the confines of the matrix) and enjoying a magical one (outside the matrix!)

IN CHAPTER 10, BEYOND THE MATRIX ALL HEALING IS SELF-HEALING, I share how I learned to heal myself, amongst other things from a fibroid that had grown to the size of a grapefruit, without resorting to surgery or pharmaceutical drugs, by investigating the cause. In the process I learned how to stay healthy, which according to me is the most empowering thing of all, well worth the time and effort it took! By sharing my healing journey, my dearest wish is to make it easier for those amongst my readers ready to embark on this path of self-empowerment.

CHAPTER 11, CONNECTING ANGEL, tells how, by means of a humorous and romantic encounter, I learned that on a soul level we are all connected and how we can call on our ‘connecting angel’, to be reunited with a loved one, for example, when we’ve lost him or her in a crowded area (unlike a cell phone, a connecting angel doesn’t run out of battery!)

CHAPTER 12, CLEARING PAST-LIFE PATTERNS, illustrates how our relationship “problems” are more often than not due to unresolved issues from other lifetimes. Thanks to the seminars I attended with Denise Linn (who is of Cherokee heritage) I learned that via a process of guided meditation we can easily access these memories that are causing a blockage, enabling us to resolve the issue easily and effortlessly, thereby avoiding the often recurrent patterns that keep us stuck in suffering over and over again.

IN CHAPTER 13, CO-CREATING A WORLD WITHOUT VIOLENCE, I relate how I was challenged to put into practice an inner message I’d received after I was threatened with violence. It might seem a controversial message to those who prefer to stay in victim mode. But isn’t the definition of a victim someone who feels powerless? Whereas once we know how to become co-creators of a world without violence we can feel truly empowered and thereby stop attracting painful scenarios.

CHAPTER 14, HOW TO STAY FREE FROM DANGER, shows how we can call on Archangel Michael to keep us safe. This is what I did on a number of hair-raising occasions along my adventurous path.

The title of CHAPTER 15, INTUITION: OUR MOST PRECIOUS TOOL, says it all. As the anecdotes in this chapter show, intuition is often the voice that doesn’t make any logical sense. But if we dare to listen to our heart, miraculous solutions ensue.

In CHAPTER 16, ANIMALS ARE OUR FRIENDS, I share a few anecdotes involving our animal brethren that illustrate how much they need our love, compassion and care.

In CHAPTER 17, BEYOND THE MATRIX WE ALL BECOME ANGELS IN HUMAN FORM, it is my turn to play ‘Fairy Godmother’ (guided by the angels in the invisible realms), for example during my three years of living in Calais at the height of the refugee crisis there, caused by the wars, first in Kosovo and soon after in Iraq. As the anecdotes illustrate, at a soul-level we are all brothers and sisters, no matter our race; nationality or other such divisive criteria.

In CHAPTER 18, HOW TO SAIL THROUGH MATRIX-BASED BUREAUCRACY UNNOTICED, I share some cheeky stories of how by daring to bypass matrix rules I was spared some potentially frustrating and time-consuming battles with red-tape aficionados.

In CHAPTER 19, DON’T LET MATRIX DWELLERS DAMPEN YOUR OPTIMISM, I demonstrate how Lao Tzu’s wise words:

Care about what others think and you will always be their prisoner

help us to become free spirits, unafraid of being true to our (higher) Self; no matter how much others (still stuck in the matrix) try to discourage or dis-empower us.

In CHAPTER 20, TRUE POWER COMES FROM TOTAL INTEGRITY, I share anecdotes from my own life, where I learned at a young age that no matter how pressurized we are, acting with integrity instead of blindly ‘obeying orders’ is always the right solution if we want to stay in harmony with our deepest self.

In CHAPTER 21, MOVING BEYOND FEAR, I attempt to tackle this most important topic: the world within the Matrix is so steeped in fear, overcoming our fears is one of our main tasks and challenges. In spite of being told in a humorous tone, the anecdotes I share are a clear illustration that a fearless life IS possible.

‘Creating a Sacred Space’, as well as mantras,  are precious tools for this.

Chapter 22, THE 2020 FEARDEMIC IN TENERIFE, is my take on the recent years, where those behind the so-called New World Order agenda have used fear of illness and death as an (alas effective!) tool to curtail people’s individual freedoms around the globe, which (temporarily) led to a dystopian world.

But seen from a wiser perspective this has been leading to a mass-awakening which will eventually result in a healthier environment and fairer world.

In CHAPTER 23,  MANTRAS TO INVOKE PROTECTION, I demonstrate how the use of mantras to invoke protection has enabled me – amongst other things – to by-pass the normally strictly-enforced ‘mask-wearing’ rules, without getting bothered – let alone fined – by Spanish police (who have been known to turn violent, especially towards easy targets such as women or young teenagers). In the middle of the feardemic, the use of mantras also helped me escape a potentially far hairier situation than a close encounter with the local mask-wearing enforcers. And in the process I’m also sharing with you a totally unexpected romantic encounter.

In Chapter 24, 2020 – THE   TURNING POINT – WHEN THE MATRIX FINALLY BEGINS TO GET DISMANTLED – I cite several most encouraging messages (which have all –save one – been censored by YouTube), including David Icke’s rousing speech at Trafalgar Square, attended by a huge crowd of awakened souls. This uplifting chapter ends with the inclusion (with its author Sanaya Roman’s permission) of a list of positive visions we can hold for humanity.

In CHAPTER 25, SEKEM: A MODEL FOR THE ECONOMY OF LOVE, I share the most inspiring example and vision of the late Ibrahim Abouleish (1937-2017) – a true visionary who coined the concept of “The Economy of Love” after he transformed some barren desert land into a biodynamic farm. With the profits generated by the business he then established a holistic clinic; kindergarten; vocational training school, as well as ‘Project Chamomille Children’ to help tackle the problem of child labour in Egypt.

The last chapter is dedicated to the topic of SOULMATES- LOVE BEYOND THE CONFINES OF THE MATRIX, in which I tell of two inspiring soulmate stories I personally encountered.