By creating this website…

…while I am as-yet an unpublished author, my intention, and purpose
is to connect with kindred spirits – be it:


who will benefit from bringing my work to the public

Film production team

who share my values and ideals and will thus delight in bringing my film scripts to the big screen

Potential readers

who will be inspired and uplifted by what I write.

Pink rose with a drop of water and green leaves – image on the Joanna Dubois Writer's portfolio

Short biography

Although I was born in Belgium (in the fifties) I consider myself a«citizen of the world». And indeed, aged nineteen I got an opportunity to move to London when, out-of-the-blue, the Belgian Embassy offered me a job I’d never applied for. Less than a year later, in order to escape as discreetly as possible from the unwanted advances of a much older, married diplomat, I moved to Paris, where on my first day of work, my new boss (an architect) suggested I’d go and sit on his lap while taking dictation (an offer that fell on deaf ears, but my face must have turned beetroot red, since I was afflicted with pathological shyness, especially with the opposite sex : perhaps the result of a strict Catholic education in all-girls schools).

From then on, I would indulge in a love affair with both France and England, by moving from one to the other every few years.

It’s when I became a mother at the age of 24 that I developed a life-long passion for learning about holistic health. In 1988, I moved from London to Eastbourne, on the Sussex coast, to open a wholefood store. The venture wasn’t exactly a commercial success, but nevertheless I consider it as one of the most valuable learning experiences I could have wished for.

Once my daughter left home I found a new career as a freelance tour manager for major UK tour operators: not a paid holiday – as most folks imagine – but a tough job, which fortunately provided me with the inspiration for one of my books, Are Potatoes Animals? – A humorous look at how travelling vegans are catered for, especially in carnivorous France.

For the past six years I have been living on the island of Tenerife and, true to my nomadic nature, I am yet again ready for another change of country.

Without meaning to, I’ve tended to be the odd-one-out, almost from birth onwards. So, I’m not on Facebook, nor Twitter and so on. Most mornings, you would find me practising Tai-chi (rather badly!) barefoot on the grass.

After a leisurely breakfast, I’ll trek to a secluded spot, preferably under the shade of my tree-friend, Ben, for a bit of meditation before starting my writing day.

Apart from writing, my favourite pastime is reading, preferably in nature, while listening to the kind of music that nourishes the soul.

Would I be willing to give all this up to spend time instead on social media?

I think you will have guessed the answer, dear friend, and I know you will forgive me for being a non-conformist.

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