I am wonderful – you are wonderful

Quite a number of years have passed since I first had the idea for this book of positive affirmations. At that time, my outlook on life had already been changed quite dramatically for the better after I had been guided to buy a book called “The Power of Positive thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  This had happened at a time when I was at quite a low ebb in my life: my ex-husband had left to start a new life in the U.S. and I found myself alone in London to bring up my 5-year-old daughter. We had no family in the U.K. and I earned barely enough to support us both.

After reading in Dr. Peale’s book that the kind of thoughts we think greatly determines our experiences in life, suddenly things started to look  a lot more sunny, and from then on, little (and not so little) miracles started happening, almost on a daily basis.[1]

In this book you will find a collection of positive affirmations, written in calligraphy, which came to me while meditating, as well as a few of my favourite affirmations from other metaphysical writers.

You may wonder why I have chosen “I am wonderful, you are wonderful” as a title.

Over the years, especially after I had started to run meditation-creative visualisation workshops, I became aware that the one thing which holds people back from fulfilling their full potential is the subconscious belief: “I’m not good enough”.

I wanted the title of my book to be a powerful positive affirmation for anyone who would ever lay eyes on it

My wish and intention is that my book may contribute to your experience of life as a wonderful, joyful and exciting adventure filled with an endless supply of blessings!

[1] It’s not that miracles weren’t happening before this, it’s just that most of the time my focus tended to be on what wasn’t “ going right” in my life, so my perception of life was distorted  and  I fell into the trap of feeling like a victim a lot of the time.